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Bodhi Language

Como profesionales todos buscamos ejercicios que sean más funcionales, individualizados y que representen una optimización entre el rendimiento físico y la disminución del riesgo...

Do you feel pain in your lower back when trying to get up in the morning? 

Or anytime you try to stand up?

This article may just be for you!

Let’s start by introducing a major muscl...

Do you suffer from upper back and neck tension, regular headaches or tingling in your fingers? Do you feel like you have difficulty taking deep breaths?

This could be for you...

We all have pains and aches that we tend to lament on without ever knowing what to do about them. This is why we have decided to launch Bodhi Language - a blog in which we shine...

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Presenting Bodhi Language

February 11, 2019

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February 11, 2019

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