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Sarah grew up in Jávea. Jonathan in Kathmandu.


We met in 2014 while working at the same physical therapy clinic in Paris. After three years living the busy Parisian lifestyle we decided to move to Sarah’s hometown to adopt the slower and more nature-oriented Mediterranean rhythm. It is here, in Jávea, we decided to set up our base and create our own physical therapy clinic - Bodhi Fisioterapia, inaugurated in march 2018.

Our mission is to establish Bodhi Fisioterapia as a serene and professional physical therapy center within a network of quality health professionals in and around Jávea. Through personalized individual treatments, weekly group classes,

JoSa Mongto 2.jpg

themed workshops and regular articles on Bodhi Language, our online health platform (coming soon), we aspire to providing you with all the necessary tools and services to relieve you of your pain while raising awareness and developing health prevention within our community.


In parallel, through temporary art exhibitions and creative workshops, we aspire to establishing Bodhi as an inspiring multidisciplinary space promoting creativity and collaboration within Jávea and abroad, hence combining our health profession with our passion for people and the arts.


We look forward to working with you,


Sarah & Jonathan

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