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Presenting Bodhi Language

We all have pains and aches that we tend to lament on without ever knowing what to do about them. This is why we have decided to launch Bodhi Language - a blog in which we shine the light on common physical conditions and give you the keys to help you help yourself.

Despite attempting to provide you with serious, professional advice, please do not consider the content of our blog as the ultimate truth. The body being as complex as it is, there are countless factors that determine our health. Any one symptom may have many different causes depending on hereditary traits, nutrition, daily activity, posture, past accidents, medical treatments etc.

We are all unique.

Therefore, our best advice if you are truly worried about a certain symptoms is not to look for answers on the internet but rather to make your way to see a health professional near you.

That said, we aspire to make Bodhi Language an interactive platform on which we can cover conditions requested by readers as well as benefit from the intervention of other health professionals on disorders that may fall more into their field of practice.

We look forward to exchanging with you on the broad topic that is Health and hope that the issues we cover here bring you some of the answer you are looking for.

Holistically yours,

Sarah & Jonathan

Your Bodhi Physical Therapists

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